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The Agrimontana company is one large family, composed with the descendants of the founder, the employees, technical and commercial partners, farmers, suppliers, professionals who use the product and those who consume and enjoy the benefit of an entire production process.
Our story is one of a journey which takes us closer to Nature,
seen through the taste of pastry chefs, bakers and ice cream makers.

Azienda Agrimontana, founded in 1972 in Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cunéo) in Piedmont, Italy, quickly became the market leader for chestnuts, candied fruit and jam in Italy. The main reason for this success is that, from the very beginning, Agrimontana has only worked with natural ingredients, never used colourants, preservatives or artificial flavourings. Moreover, Agrimontana only uses fruit grown in Italy. Our range also includes products for making real Italian gelato: bases
and pastes with all-natural ingredients.
Since 2006, Azienda Agrimontana has been part of the Illy Group, which includes Illy coffee, Dammann frères tea and Domori chocolate. Being part of such a dynamic and quality-focused group has allowed Agrimontana to complete its professional range with the inclusion of Domori couverture chocolate. Domori only uses Aromatic cacao, from the best Criollo and Triniatario plantations, which are monitored from harvesting to fermentation and storage, with gentle roasting and fast grinding to keep all the flavours in.

"Only a company whose dream is to offer the best of nature, can dedicate itself to the task of capturing springtime so that it is available every day of the year." (Cesare Bardini, founder of Agrimontana)


  • 1972
  • On April Caesar Bardini engraved his vision of quality and excellence in a small handicraft workshop of candied fruits in Roccavione, moving it to the actual site of Borgo San Dalmazzo: the name Eurocanditi becomes Azienda Agrimontana. To the emblem product, the candied chestnut, is added the candied orange cube, which finds the ideal use in the more pleasant Italian dessert worldwide : the Panettone

  • 1975
  • Other typologies of fruits are candied and the production of preserves and jams becomes natural.

  • 1980
  • It begins the recognition and the positioning of the products among the individuals besides the affirmation among the professionals. In this period starts the production of the Marron Glacé.

  • 1988
  • It sets out a varietal field of local chestnut tree in collaboration with the Turin University to individualize the existing local varieties, those ancient or endangered species and their resistance to disease, parasites and bugs. Of the 62 plants harvest to abode, of the Piedmontese valleys : Stura, Gesso, Vermenagna and Pesio, 50 plants are stored and guarantee the grafted scions of 6 varieties.

  • 1990
  • Born in the Principality of Monaco, the society distributes in France and in the rest of the world, the products of Firm Agrimontana. It has been named "Agriland" and it is still the commercial denomination of Agrimontana International.

  • 2005
  • Azienda Agrimontana is participated by the Group illy that enclose it in the Pole of Taste, a group of firms that realize creations out of the box. The firm maintains its own autonomy and works to valorize its own characteristics of producer and qualified distributor of leader ingredients in the laboratories of confectionery and in the food service.

  • 2010
  • Attainment of the brevet for the original and exclusive process of confisage and maintenance of fruits. For obtening the brevet were evaluated: the confisage system with low sugar content (brix), the natural maintenance with physical treatments not invasive and the study of the maintenance of the freshness of fruits.

  • 2012
  • The Chiara Bardini line has a gourmet inspiration: a collection of preserves that bring out the most in the naturalness of the flavours and the specialities of the area. Prepared with the rare types of Italian fruit, on their own or in unusual combinations, the recipes lend themselves perfectly to creating delicious sweets and desserts, or simply enjoyed by the spoonful.


  • Today
  • Today at Agriland we returned to our roots and decided to use our former name, Agrimontana International, once more. Our vocation remains the same: supporting you, the professionals, so that you can experiment and take your talent in search of unique tastes and flavors.

    • We maintain artisanal traditions

      We are a company that carefully safeguards the products of nature, using our skills as craftsmen, with the support of technology.

      We are dedicated to preserving organoleptic origins, by working the material in a clean way, without colourants, preservatives or any added flavourings.

      We started by candying, a traditional preservation method using sugar, and followed with preserves and other products, both traditional and innovative. All of them is high quality and natural.

    • A lot of patience, a little bit of sugar and just the right amount of skill

      These are the main ingredients of our recipes:

      the patience to respect the biological time needed for the fruit to ripen, and the patience to not force the preparation, waiting for the natural outcome of the processes;

      sugar which, reduced right down, keeps and brings out the original taste of the raw material, and exalts it;

      the skill of our people in the details of every moment of preparation, and the use of technology to guarantee hygiene and healthiness, and reduce the impact of the processes on the final product.

      The outcome is a witness to the strength of gentleness: there are no forced smells, no distortion of the starting product, but rather the assurance of having followed nature.

    • The production and the supply of excellent artisan products is a real mission for us

      The passion for patisserie and cuisine has brought us close to, and united us with the Italian and French chefs as well as those from other countries that we meet on our travels. We are dedicated in keeping faith with the ideals of quality craftsmanship, and we share our abilities with the professionals – for us, they are experts who should be fully satisfied.
      Product knowledge
      Technical ability



    1972 Year of beginning, passion and family
    3000 3000 m3 of cold storage, the cold naturally preserves
    60000 m2 company area
    11500 11500 - m2 covered, area devoted to production and management
    42 countries of the world reached
    890 tons of fruit used for year
    58 workforce in production
    81 daily analysis, inside and external analysis, controls in line controls
    210 factory visitors
    118 activities and training events in Italy and abroad
    4 different certifications
    62 Chestnut plants grafted in the experimental field

    Our factory is in constant communication with the suppliers, craftsmen and amateurs through a path of maturation and by sharing values like quality and naturality and at the same time by being conscious that the respect for ingredients begins with the respect for people and for the environment and continues with everyday commitment and attention. To continue in this process, we adopted systematically voluntary rules to guarantee the security and the protection of the buyer, the environment, the worker and the quality.


    Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
    Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
    Health and Safety UNI EN ISO 45001:2018

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