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Made with fresh chestnuts without any sulphur dioxide. The candying syrup is flavoured with natural vanilla. They are harvested, selected and packed by hand.

Agrimontana chestnuts come only from selected Italian chestnuts, they are processed in accordance with a procedure so fascinating as simple respecting the natural rhythms of tradition. The “novena”, nine days of maceration in which the chestnut, still in its husk, is “pampered” in order to get that consistency that makes it optimal for the next peeling and candying phase. Peeling is finished by hand, according to an exclusive steam method. During candying, the chestnut is enriched by the intense and persistent perfume of Madagascar vanilla and the intensity of cane sugar from Mauritius and Reunion Islands. Lastly, the round and soft oven icing. Agrimontana Marron Glacé is an authentic taste experience that, once perceived, remains forever etched in the memory of the palate. The Agrimontana marron glacé is available in three different origins, each of which in several sizes. • The prestigious Agrimonana Grands Crus Chestnuts (Susa Valley – Piedmont cultivar). Refined and delicate, for true connoisseurs. • The Agrimontana Chestnut Selection from the best Italian varieties. • The Val Calore Selection unique selection of the Naples Chestnut, it is grown in the heart of the Cilento valleys. The Agrimontana small chestnut is ideal for decorating cakes, garnishing tarts: perfect to dip in chocolate. The chestnut in pieces offers two options, to be eaten as it is, or to enrich creams and mousses, or again (along with chestnut cream) for a magnificent marron glacé ice cream. The chestnut paste, produced with the simple refining of candied chestnuts in pieces is indispensable for a thousand and more recipes (e.g. Mont Blanc). The marron cream is produced from peeled frozen chestnuts, to get a fine and pure taste, compared with those who make it from chestnuts with peel.

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