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Valle Susa IGP Marrons 60/70 pcs/kgBest Valle Susa ‘s marrons exclusive selection ensured by system of Protected Geographical Indication. Size: 60-70 fruit per Kg. Origin: Susa Valley, Turin, Piedmont.

Agrimontana chestnuts come only from selected Italian chestnuts, they are processed in accordance with a procedure so fascinating as simple respecting the natural rhythms of tradition.


The origin of the chestnuts is not only a value for the company, but also a distinctive feature of each variety in terms of aroma and use in pastry, in food service and in the field of ice cream. From Val Susa and Cuneo supple fruits come up, elegant and delicate on the palate; their distinguishing feature is the classic round shape. Agrimontana also offers its own selection of Tuscan-Emilian Apennines area to guarantee the professional quality in the variety.


Not so far in the distant past, it was sufficient take a glance outside from the Agrimontana’s gates to see, among the branches of the adjacent woods, the precious Cuneo chestnuts, the heart of the company's production.

The confisage process carried out without the addition of sulfur dioxide is fundamental to the final success. It is a slow process, with controlled temperature and strengthened by a hand selection made by an all-female staff, who effected the subdivision in calibres.

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Pasteurised tin canister - 4 kg

  • Consigliato per pasticceria
  • Consigliato per cioccolateria


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